Who I am

My name is Nathan Levi. I am a pediatrician and a writer. I was born in Tel Aviv in 1945 and I lived in Jerusalem until 1957, when I followed my family to Trieste, where I still reside.

My parents had landed clandestinely on the beach of Tel Aviv in 1939, with a baby girl in their arms, just in time to escape the Nazi-fascist persecution.

I was proud of my country. I grew up with the conviction that the birth of the State of Israel was right and necessary, but also in a possible peaceful coexistence with the Arab peoples, Palestinians in primis. This was a widespread hope even among the Israeli political hierarchies during the first decades of Israeli history.
Then, things changed. Peace has become more and more a chimera.

I first worked at the Burlo Garofolo Hospital and later as a family pediatrician. In the hospital, I was in charge of the gastroenterology service and in 1976 I introduced the technique of the deep vein parenteral nutrition in pediatrics in Italy. In the period 1985-89 I served as a pediatrician at the Central Hospital in Maputo, Mozambique, and then coordinated a large maternal-infant cooperation project. This was undoubtedly my most intense working experience.

I spent some time in Shanghai to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 1994 I was co-founder of the School of Medical Phytotherapy and from 2002 to 2018 I taught Phytotherapy as a lecturer at the University of Trieste.

My long-lasting hobbies include photography, antique books and, in the medical field, neuroscience.

In 2007 I published “Treating children with medicinal plants” (Editeam). In 2014 my first novel “La cinese di Maputo” (Tresogni ) was published, and in 2021 the political thriller “La metamorfosi dei papaveri” (Tresogni).