This page, far from being exhaustive, is dedicated to various readings centered on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or to the psychological and social topics that I have dealt with in the articles of this blog. I would be pleased to add any others you would like to suggest.



A political thriller, set in the near future, in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where neuroscience becomes the tool to defeat violence and hatred and promote that long awaited peace process.

A complete historical text and a detailed analysis of the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A topic that, in its dramatic reality, does not lend itself to a ‘neutral’ exposition. In my eyes, Vercelli’s work has a critical and very balanced approach, perhaps slightly biased towards the Israeli narrative.

A book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that deserves to be read for the wealth of well-documented information and for an acceptable critical balance, even if, as a whole, it winks at the Palestinian cause.

The fifth issue of Limes of 2021 analyzes the nature and trajectory of the Jewish state. It starts from the latest conflict between Tsahal (the Israeli Armed Forces) and Hamas, but above all from the internal fractures in Israeli society that this conflict revealed in May 2021.

Two facts are there for all to see. In the last twenty years, the Shoah has been the subject of intense and widespread commemorative activities throughout the Western world. And in the same period of time, racism and intolerance have increased dramatically in the countries where the policies of memory have been promoted with greater vigor.

From the pogroms in Russia to the Dreyfus case, from the idea of a “Zionist conspiracy” to the Nazi concentration camps, the twentieth century saw a chilling leap in the violence of the attacks. Just when integration into contemporary societies seemed an established fact, religious anti-Judaism gave way to anti-Semitism founded on alleged racist grounds.


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Sacred values

  • Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2013 Sep;1299:11-24. Sacred values in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: resistance to social influence, temporal discounting, and exit strategies – Hammad Sheikh et al.



  • David Grossman: Israelis ‘more prone to fanaticism and fundamentalis’ – By Euronews, 17/3/2016
  • Amos Oz: Saying Israel should not exist is anti-Semitic – BBC Euronews, 2016
  • Monique Eckmann: Critiquer Israël, est-ce de l’antisémitisme? Histoire des juifs, Shoah, ressentiments : un passé qui ne passe pas.
  • Michael Visontay: Is it inherently antisemitic to criticise Israel? It may depend on who you ask. The Guardian, 22/10/2021.


Fear of strangers

  • Emilia Biviano – In-Psychology – 11 Luglio 2019
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  • Arlin CuncicThe Psychology of Racism – Verywell mind, February 2022 
  • Susan PetrilliThe Law Challenged and the Critique of Identity with Emmanuel Levinas, Int J Semiot Law. 2021 May 30 : 1–39.

The dream of peace

  • Roy Cohen – In our teens, we dreamed of making peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Then my friend was shot. The Guardian, 13/1/2022

The support of US

  • Shibley Telhami – As Israel increasingly relies on US evangelicals for support, younger ones are walking away: What polls show, 2021
  • Jacob Magid – Dermer suggests Israel should prioritize support of evangelicals over US Jews – The Times of Israel, 2021
  • Jacob Magid – Support for Israel among young US evangelical Christians drops sharply – survey – The Times of Israel, 2021
  • LifeWay Research – Evangelical Attitudes Toward Israel Research Study, 2017
  • Giorgio Bernardelli – Gerusalemme capitale, la vittoria dei cristiani sionisti – La Stampa, 2017
  • Gallup – American Jews, Politics and Israel, 2019
  • Stephen M. Walt – How (and How Not) to Talk About the Israel Lobby – FP (Foreign Policy), 2019

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