The black avalanche


The black avalanche has arrived: the victory of national-religious extremism in Israel opens the scenario described in my novel The Metamorphosis of the Poppies

Fear of strangers

Fear of stranger is a component of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. An emotion that favors belonging to a group in which to feel protected.

The Holocaust and the birth of Israel

On the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a question arises: Would the State of Israel have been born without this tragedy?

Criticism to Israel and antisemitism

The accusation of antisemitism against those who criticize Israel has become a widespread slogan. It rained down on me instantly, as expected…

Apartheid in Israel. True or false?

Apartheid in Israele. Vero o falso?

Is there an apartheid regime in Israel towards the Arabs who live there as Israeli citizens? Many affirm it, others deny it. Let’s discuss it…