On this page you will find a personal selection of associations dedicated to the cause of human rights in Israel and in Occupied Territories and aspire to peace between Israel and the Palestinian people. It is a page ‘on the grow’. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


From “What unites us”: “First, the need for humanity, justice and active non-violence for a world without weapons and without wars. Our adherence to respect international law and human rights in Israel and Palestine. The promotion of fact-based information to find out about the conditions of the Palestinian people under Israeli military occupation and of the Palestinian Arab minorities in Israel… ”.



The ‘Culture is Freedom Association’ was born in Rome. “It is made up of a group of individuals or members of associations who have taken to heart the idea of making Palestinian culture, its creations, its beauty and its strength known”.



“JCall brings together Jewish European citizens and friends of Israel who aspire to peace in the Middle East on the basis of an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians according to the principle of” two states for two peoples “.



Meretz is an Israeli left wing party, inspired by the values of democratic socialism. Values that belong to various groups in the world that give voice to human rights within the State of Israel and the Occupied Territories… and is in full support of an open peace process with the Palestinians and other Arab peoples.



“Standing Together is a grassroots movement mobilizing Jews and Palestinians from all over Israel in pursuit of peace, equality, social and climate justice. While the minority who benefit from the current status quo of occupation and inequality seek to keep us divided, we know that we — the majority — have far more in common than that which sets us apart. When we stand together, we are strong enough to fundamentally alter the existing socio-political reality. The future that we want to see — with peace and independence for Israelis and Palestinians, full equality for all citizens, and true social, economic and environmental justice — is possible. Because where there is struggle, there is hope”.

Website (in Hebrew and English):

RETE ITALIANA ISM (International solidarity movement)

“We are a network of people who have had an experience of activism in Palestine with the ISM (International Solidarity Movement) or who intend to leave to do so. ISM is an international movement born in 2001, which supports the struggle of Palestinian liberation with the practice of active non-violence ”.