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Welcome to my blog.

I love Israel, but I am highly allergic to my native country’s policy towards the Palestinian people. A policy that for decades has not wanted peace and creates immense suffering.

The problem of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has always been a bitter companion to me. In elementary school, in Israel, I was excited by reading Hassamba, the adventures of a heroic group of kids from Tel Aviv who first flanked the Haganà – the underground Jewish military group – in the fight against the British, and, later, the Israeli army against its external and internal enemies. But I also remember that I listened with particular pleasure to the radio when it said that one day Israel and the Arabs would certainly make peace.

In those days, the country’s enthusiasm for its birth, despite the poverty and a thousand other difficulties, did not disregard the aspiration for peace. Even after the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, in 67, this hope persisted, because the Labor governments still considered these territories as a trading card, in view of a definitive peace, to play with the Arab countries and some satisfactory solution to the Palestinian problem. Later, with the governments of the nationalist and religious right, peace became, and remains, more and more a chimera.

Israel is increasingly barricading itself in its own religious tradition. It is gradually renouncing its secularism by gradually sliding, this is my fear, towards a Confessional state. I am comforted by the fact that the debate on this issue is still open and lively between the secular components, which feel proudly Israeli and Jewish because they participate in the millennial history of a people, and the ultra-Orthodox component, which has increased its power over society and government decisions and that aspires to a confessional state and to the borders of Greater Israel of biblical proportions. The open confrontation between these two souls of the country is dampened by external threats, in particular from Iran and its associates, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

In my youth, I had long cherished the desire to return to my hometown, but the events in my life took a different turn: I married a (beautiful) English woman, I found a job in the hospital and I had two (beautiful) children . I couldn’t force such a radical life change on them. If I lived there today, despite my pessimism about the local situation and humanity in general, I would belong to the small pacifist nucleus willing to make concessions in exchange for peace.

Now advanced in years, from my Trieste apartment, I can only witness the tragedy disconsolately. With this blog I hope to make my modest contribution – a drop in the ocean, I am under no illusion – to keep alive the debate on a conflict that no longer seems to interest anyone, except for the two struggling peoples and, above all, that of the Palestinian, although not certainly innocent, but who suffer the most and, in my eyes, have the right to live in peace, in their own sovereign state, alongside and in peace with Israel.

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