Carnage day 12

Yet another carnage between Israelis and Palestinians. Unstoppable death drives. But Daniel Grossman writes that “even in wickedness there is a limit.”

The black avalanche


The black avalanche has arrived: the victory of national-religious extremism in Israel opens the scenario described in my novel The Metamorphosis of the Poppies

Two invasions compared

Today I’m comparing two invasions: that of the Ukraine by Russia, and that, in June 1967, of the Palestinian Territories by Israel.


In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I side, as you know, with the Palestinian people, especially for their daily suffering.

The religious umbrella of Uncle Sam

Israel has always been the protégé of the USA. I focus on a little known aspect concerning the impact of religion on relations between the two countries.

The lost opportunities

The opportunities for peace between Israelis and Palestinians have been very few and unlikely. However, they deserve to be remembered.

Fear of strangers

Fear of stranger is a component of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. An emotion that favors belonging to a group in which to feel protected.

Settlements without peace

Israeli settlements in the West Bank constitute the main obstacle to peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Criticism to Israel and antisemitism

The accusation of antisemitism against those who criticize Israel has become a widespread slogan. It rained down on me instantly, as expected…

Empathy, oxytocin and adolescence

Empatia, ossitocina e adolescenza

Let’s go back to the subject of empathy, in which oxytocin is the protagonist. Adolescence is a sensitive period in the formation of one’s social attitude…